Montessori Leadership Master Course

14.2. 20201917x

March 30 is approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited that on this date we have the start of Montessori Leadership Master Course: “Transforming Self, Community and Society”, led by Kathy Minardi and a prestigious faculty team of co-trainers and presenters, including Sue Pritzker and Peter Davidson.

Are you looking forward to it as much as we do? We doubt that!

Extraordinary team of trainers, Kathy Minardi herself, with her neverending optimism and profound wisdom and understanding of Montessori Philisophy, Leadership principles and the World in general, with thoughtful approach to every single detail. Everything she does makes sense. It simply does, and we’re honoured that Kathy will spend more time with us, in our beautiful Prague.

We have an outstanding team building up, and we’re hoping that this course will bring a great value to every single one of us. It will be about building the Course Community, the strong relationship. We will help and assist each other safely in taking risks to explore within ourselves in vulnerability and to professionally grow and strengthen in the workplace while sharing with each for support.

Certificate of Completion & Credits towards an MEd will be issued by Loyola University Maryland, Graduate School of Education, Center for Montessori Education Lead Montessori.

Would you like to learn more? We’re here for you! Contact us via courses@leadmontessori.com

Kathy Minardi has announced Fundraising Scholarships for Montessori School Leaders on her birthday, January 25. It’s still on, so we have a chance to support leaders around the World by every effort, by every small step we take towards each other! Feel free to get in touch with us or with Kathy, if you have more questions regarding this Fundraising.