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Our Mission:

We connect, share and collaborate to empower each other.
We are an ecosystem.
We draw from our collective intelligence and experience.
We generate synergy which transforms not just us and our organisations but, we hope, also the world.

Our story

Over the years, since I first established Montessori Schools Andilek in the Czech Republic and Montessori Institute Prague, I found out that being a Montessori school owner and a director of a training institute can often be a lonely job. At the same time, through the work at the Institute, I discovered that are many other people in the same role as me, feeling the same loneliness, the solitude of responsibility. Some of these people turned out to live in my own country, some live in Europe, some live in other places of the world. These people are fighting the same fight as I am, they are believing the same values, they are serving the same purpose.

I found it very encouraging, energizing and nourishing to spend time with them - talking, exchanging information, learning from each other. I realized the greatness of the value of "standing on each other’s shoulders” when we receive advice and then pass it on to others. I came to understand the value of sharing experience and practice. I experienced the power of belonging to a community of people who are “walking in the same shoes".

And just as I began to think about how to turn this realization into something that may help others, I met three amazing people who turned out to have walked this path before me and who felt called to support this venture. 

These people - experts with a deep well of knowledge and experience, people of great character and wonderful sense of humor co-created Lead Montessori. They helped to create the first conference program. They became the back bone of Lead Montessori. We together became the Lead Montessori team, each offering unique skills to the Lead Montessori work. If you want to lear more about what Lead Montessori 2018 was like, go here.

If you are interested to join us for the next conference, send me an email. We will be very glad to include you in the Lead Montessori community we have built and offer you the opportunity to participate in Lead Montessori 2019. We will nourish you. You will learn new hard and soft skills. We will help you to assume and practice your role as a Montessori leader. We will help you run your school and we will become your friends. We will support you in your work of building a strong Montessori program.

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Lead Montessori s. r. o.

Address:  Na sekyrce 2, Prague 6            IČO: 071 527 79

Contact person: Madara Spurava          Phone: +420 730 870 816              Email: madara@leadmontessori.com 

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