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It is mid of April. Lockdown. Dark time of struggle and insecurity when all we are asking ourselves questions like ‘to be, or not to be’. A sad, dramatic, tragic and vicious recalibration of the world is going all around.

Believe our world needed a wake up call because there was too much greed, selfishness and busyness. Life is forcing us to slow down, reconnect with our best selves and ponder a better
future. It is like a rebirth of life, when we need to return to full intimacy of our native genius and to a way of being where creativity, freedom and helpfulness to humanity is the fire that fills our souls. We needed something bigger than us to make us to come truly alive. Our understanding on how to serve the development of the child is limited to the physical interaction in the prepared environment.

But the world has changed.

How to continue our mission in a meaningful way?
How to support the most vulnerable members of our society in this new world?
How to support the children and parents through this change?
How to make a positive change of our approach that is needed now?
How to impact the world in a positive way?
How to make Montessori education accessible for more children?
How we can work to make more children to gain access from anywhere in the world?
How to create environment in that new world that ensures that Montessori core principles are there and are authentic?

We needed to continue listen, observe and reflect and try to understand the new needs.
The environment is the key – as Montessori educators our work is to create growth environments that allow the child to joyfully discover the world.

But what should be this new environment to provide meaningful aids to development in that new world?

Our answer is the same – order, beauty, independence, exploration, discovery, isolation of difficulty, friendly to mistakes, self-construction, lively.

So, the idea took a physical form as a drawing during journaling.

‘Live’ because it should give keys for further exploration where heart, hands and mind come together. It should cheer up and celebrate life with motives for work, order and beauty.

‘Discovery’ because the self-discovery of the world around nurtures the personality to self-create and grow.

That was a starting point. We asked the children and the drawing evolved.

We embrace this common knowledge of Montessori principles and work according this common knowledge.

But what is the place of this prepared environment in the new world?

The only possible answer is – online. We all have a scientific based knowledge and great understanding about the screen time. For years and years we are educating parents and children
about the damages it creates to the child’s creativity, concentration, mind and the whole personality. While we know that, we observe so many children to spend so much time in front of
the screen. And the new world is forcing this even more.

So, we can use that as a “location” of the prepared environment IF we make it meaningful. To give the keys like 5 minute explorational video and invite / inspire the child to explore their own environment, to work with hands and create him own experiences.

And this should be co-created sharing videos from around the world connecting the community. So qualified Montessori teachers and craftsman can come with an activity or video and contribute and inspire the child’s discovery. For making it accessible we are proving that we don’t need a lot of money or a fancy equipment to stay curious and to support the child’s natural development. And it really feels like cosmic education because we aim to give free explorational videos for every mind, for every child to explore anytime and anywhere.

And becoming a member people are directly contributing to life of others by helping us to make free explorational learning videos for all children around the world. It is really a beautiful circular unity. If that not cosmic education, I do not know what it is.

But just the idea is not enough, we work very hard to make it real, embracing Montessori principles and authenticity.
We have just started and we are listening, observing, reflecting.

Live Discovery Montessori is an intiative coming from Sofia, Bulgaria, and they shared this wonderful project with us. We truly admire such initiatives and will be sharing them with our community, to help people all around the world unite their efforts and create this new world together.

Anna-Maria Yotsova is the possibilitarian who brings the team together to make Live Discovery Montessori real. She sees working as a Montessori guide as a mission, not as a job or a career. Her work aims to lift the childhood experience in the family, primary and elementary school by supporting children, parents and teachers to aid the child natural development from birth to maturity. Anna-Mariya and Live Discovery team of amazing professionals contribute to the learning experience of the child in the family by creating a growth environments, in-depth understanding, compassion, gratitude and love. Our work is embraced by parents in Bulgaria and across the globe. Childhood is full of joy, curiosity and discovery, and Anna-Maria and Live Discovery team help making this happen wherever you are.

For the limited time Anna Mariya and team of Live Discovery Montessori are offering members of Lead Montessori Community a free membership for three months!

To make this happen, please write an email to hello@livediscovery.io  with

1) name

2) e-mail address and

3) key word LEADMONTESSORI for activating a gift card for 3 months.

Sounds good? We’re glad if this initiative will bring you new insights, support, and maybe new friendships and colleboration with other Montessorrians all around the globe! Let’s talk more about this, tell us about your initiatives and projects, and we will do our best to let members of our community know about it!

Disclaimer: this is not a paid partnership, Lead Montessori s.r.o. shares this information in order to spread the word about Montessori projects helping our Community to receive as much value as possible.