Terms and Conditions

General Business Conditions of www.leadmontessori.com Portal

In effect from 1 January 2018

These general business conditions (“GBC” or the “Conditions”) relate to Lead Montessori provided by a provider to third parties through the www.leadmontessori.com portal. Upon finalizing an order, a buyer (the “Client” or the “User”) confirms that the Client has been informed of the current wording of these Conditions (GBC) and that the Client agrees to these Conditions.

  1. Fundamental Provisions

1.1. The provider of the Content is the company Lead Montessori s.r.o., with its registered office at Na sekyrce 2, Praha 6, 160 00, Czech Republic, ID No.: 07152779 (the “Provider”).

1.2. The User (the Client of services) is an individual or a legal entity that has ordered or uses the Provider’s Content, as well as an individual or a legal entity that will finalize an order of services of the Content through an order form or in another manner that is available at the www.leadmontessori.com portal in order to make an order.

1.3. An order of registration for Lead Montessori event (the subject of services – the Content defined below) is binding. Immediately after making an order, the User will be redirected to a payment gateway of the company GOPAY s.r.o. that provides secured technology for accepting payment cards and making on-line bank transfers. The User will enter numbers of payment cards, credit cards, and passwords for electronic banking through the secured and trusted channel of the company GOPAY s.r.o. After the relevant amount is paid, a tax document will be issued to the User, and the User will be provided with access data.

  1. Subject of Services

2.1. The subject of services is the right of the User to access the Content.

2.2. The Content is available in the form of Lead Montessori event. 

  1. Access to the Content

3.1. Upon the payment of a price for a product (the subject of services), the User will acquire the right to access the Provider’s Content at the time when the Lead Montessori event is currently held. 

3.2 After the expiry of the time defined in item 3.1., services ordered are considered as consumed regardless of the fact whether the User has used services or has not. 

  1. Rights and Obligations of User

5.1. The User has the right to use the Content to the extent defined in article 3.

5.2. In order to purchase the Content, the User has to register at www.leadmontessori.com portal. 

5.3. The User undertakes to observe rules stated in article 7. (Copyright).

5.4. While ordering services, the User is obliged to state true contact information for purposes of invoicing and communicating with the Provider, and to maintain said contact information updated during the whole time of duration of a contractual relationship with the Provider. The User undertakes not to use anonymizers for accessing administration. If breaches of the above-stated obligations by the User are found, the Provider is entitled to immediately terminate the provision of services/ to withdraw from the relevant agreement, and, in such an event, the User is not entitled to financial compensation or the receipt of a price of product paid.

  1. Rights and Obligations of Provider

6.1. The Provider must ensure access to the Content after receiving the whole payment of the price from the User on the Provider’s bank account.

6.2. The Provider has the right to terminate the User’s access to the Content prematurely without compensation provided that the User has breached article 7. of these conditions. In such an event, the User is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement or to receive the price of a product paid in relation to the Provider.

6.3. The Provider may reasonably inform, e.g. in the form of advertising communication, the User of its other services while using the User’s email address, and the User provides his consent to such communication. The Provider is obliged to stop sending advertising communication to the User if the User informs the Provider of the above through an email message sent to the following email: mirka@leadmontessori.com, or the User checks out from the Provider’s database through Smartmailing.

6.4. The Provider is entitled to not provide its services to the User who is in default in payment of any obligation due to the Provider that lasts longer than 3 days after a due date of the Provider’s invoice. 

  1. Copyright

7.1. The Content is a copyright work of the Provider or third parties, and the Provider is entitled to handle and further distribute the Content in a manner that is stated in these GBC. The User does not have the right to distribute such a copyright work (the Content) further through any means or other communications or permit access to the Content to other persons.

7.2. The User undertakes not to make any audio or video recordings of the Content . All such activities and activities of a similar nature are in conflict with these contractual conditions.

  8. Cancellations and Refunds Policy

8.1. If the User wishes to cancel all items or a number of items of the Lead Montessori event registration, the User may be eligible for a partial refund if an e-mail notification at info@leadmontessori.com is received by LM in time.

8.2. The deadlines for notifying LM and corresponding refund implications are as follows:

  • • Before 30 June, 2019: The User will be eligible for a refund of 90% of the registration fees paid.
    • Between 1 July and 31 August, 2019: The User will be eligible for a refund of 80% of the registration fees paid.
    • Between September 1 - 30, 2019: The User will be eligible to 70% of the registration fees paid.
    • Between October 1 - 15, 2019: The User will be eligible to 50% of the registration fees paid.

After October 15, 2019, no refunds are made. 

If  the User is unable to attend the Lead Montessori 2019 conference entirely, her or she may also transfer complete registration to someone else, free of charge. Please contact LM if you wish to use this option by October 15, 2019. No transfers will be allowed after this date. 

   9.Final Provisions

9.1. Pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection, as amended, the User agrees to the fact that the Provider stores in its database data entered by the User while ordering the Content and that the Provider is entitled to process such data for purposes of business relationships with the User. This consent is provided for the whole time of duration of a business relationship with the Provider, if a special act does not define a longer period.

9.2. The Provider undertakes to use the User’s personal data only for the Provider’s internal purposes and not to hand it over to third parties or not to permit access to it to third parties. The Provider undertakes to adopt all possible measures in order to prevent the misuse of the User’s personal data. In order to provide information of the type of data/ personal data on the User that is stored by the Provider, it is necessary to address the Provider by email at the following email account: mirka@leadmontessori.com, and the relevant information will be communicated to the User. Upon the User’s request, the Provider will adjust data / the User’s personal data stored, so it is in accordance with the real situation.

9.2. If the individual provisions of the current contractual conditions (GBC) are or become invalid or vague, other provisions remain valid. The gap established in this manner will be replaced with a regulation that corresponds to the purpose and meaning of these conditions.

9.3. These GBC and the relationship between the Provider and the User are governed by the legal order of the Czech Republic.

9.4. Communication between the Provider and the User is carried out only in the electronic form through electronic mail (by the Provider through the following email: mirka@leadmontessori.com, by the User through email that is communicated for this purpose by the Client to the Provider within the relevant registration).

9.5. The User agrees to send all accounting and tax documents issued by the Provider to the User in an electronic form through email in the PDF format.

9.6. The Provider is authorized to unilaterally change these GBC at any time. Upon issuing and publishing new/ updated GBC, the older wording of GBC is replaced automatically.

Lead Montessori s.r.o.