How Lead Montessori empowered Global Classroom – Erdkinder of 21st Century

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This blog is a story about realization of teenage dreams, a story about life purpose, a story about passion in profession, a story about collaboration, a story about connection, a story about support, a story about the World. It’s a story about the beginning of a new era. This story begins at the first Lead Montessori conference.

In November 2018 I participated at the first Lead Montessori conference. I went to Prague without any special goal, completely openminded and curious. It was my first international Montessori conference ever and I didn’t know what to expect.

Already after the first day of the conference the whole atmosphere and the speakers lighted a small fire burning in me. And after the third day of the conference, I could already call it a bonfire! At the open space gathering, I just couldn’t hold anymore, I raised my hand, stand up in the middle of the audience and said it loud: “I want to present you my wildest idea, my dreams from teenage years, my vision of connecting the citizens of the World”. I continued: “Imagine that there is a prepared environment(s) where we can gather the adolescents from all around the world, to work side by side with the professionals/scientists/developers, to get in touch with the latest technology in a sustainable way of living, to feel what the future will look like. Furthermore, this environment will give the chance to adolescents to search for their passion, life goals, professional orientation, and most important – to get lifelong friends from all around the Globe.” When I was a teenage that vision start developing in me. Now I have a chance to realize it!

I knew that I am stepping far way out of my comfort zone. That achieving the vision mentioned before means 110% of dedication, a strong will, a lot of collaboration and support. And, if I was in doubt to begin realizing it or not, after the response at the Lead Montessori I knew – that’s it. That’s what I have to do. That’s what is worth do dedicate my life to.

I am Ozbe Steblaj from Slovenia, 27 years old MSc in Agriculture, raised in a family dedicated to Montessori. With open eyes and mind, I traveled 35+ countries on four continents and visited most of the biggest nations. I saw many different cultures and environments and I find out that we are all on the same planet with the same problems.

I am a nature lover but a great enthusiast about new technologies. As an optimist, I believe, that with the smart use of new technology and with the great attention to the details in nature, we can feed the global population and at the same time revitalize our planet.

I also believe that with the strong global friendships we can live in a peaceful world. In a rapidly changing world, if we want to sustain on this planet in peace, we have to equip the young generations with knowledge and skills to lead us in a bright future. That inspires me to become one of the main driving forces of the first Montessori Development Park – a prepared environment for Erdkinder of 21st Century Global Classroom Program.

Without the Lead Montessori, I would never start such a big project. I consider myself as a lucky man because my path leads me to Lead Montessori. I am looking forward to meeting you all again in 2019 to present you the progress we did in only one year.

You can find out more at: montessoridp.com. Yours, Ozbe.