Adolescent Summer Camp 2020

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Lead Montessori Conference is already known as a place where new projects and Montessori programs get created and boosted to life. Let us tell you about one amazing project that was born during Lead Montessori 2018, got much more supporters during Lead Montessori 2019, and now making it’s big entrance into 2020, calling out to Montessori Community to join together and help adolescents enter the adult world with confidence and in peace.

As we know, adolescence is a period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult. Due to excessive energy it’s well-known fact that it can be pretty hard to handle.

But what if we can turn that energy of adolescent in the direction of productivity, curiosity and personal growth in each segment of their life?

Maria Montessori used the term erdkinder (“children of the earth”) for adolescents who are preparing to enter the larger, global community. They often have difficulties finding their way in the new world they discover for themselves, to be accepted by the society and peers. It keeps them distracted from academics and makes it hard to keep up with the studies, which may lead to conflicts with adult world they’re trying  to enter. This contradiction is even more obvious in a conventional educational setting.

Erdkinder was Montessori’s answer to adolescence. The idea was to create the farm which would help the children to gain all the knowledge needed to face the adult phase of life.

“Work on the land is an introduction both to nature and to civilization and gives a limitless field for scientific and historic studies. If the product can be used commercially this brings in the fundamental mechanism of society, that of production and exchange, on which economic life is based.”Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence

“This means that there is an opportunity to learn both academically and through actual experience what are the elements of social life. We have called these children the “Erdkinder” because they are learning about civilization through its origin in agriculture. They are the “land-children.”Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence

Ožbe Šteblaj and Edvarda Šteblaj, got inspired by this idea, took the concept, upgraded it and placed it into 2020. They created an international supporting program to encourage collaboration between the adolescent’s communities around the globe. The program is called Erdkinder of 21st Century.

Ožbe and Edvarda strongly believe that with the smart use of new technology and with the great attention to the details in nature, we can feed the global population and at the same time revitalize our planet. They also believe that the strong global friendships are cruicial. In Montessori Development Park adolescent get a chance to learn new skills, get new academic knowledge and meet new friends from all over the World.

“In a  rapidly changing world, if we want to sustain on this planet in peace, we have to equip the young generations with knowledge and skills to lead us in a bright future. ” – Ožbe Šteblaj

Lead Montessori is strongly convinced that the key to our future is in the hands of our children. And the best way to help that future is to make our children capable, harmonized, and confident adults. Adults living in peace and taking care of their community and planet.

Montessori Development Park is organizing the Adolescent Summer Camp in 2020 in Slovenia. We all have a chance to join and play our unique role in this project!

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The dates are set: May 14-17, 2020