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Community Conversation

with Ted J. Rau & special guest
Paula Leigh-Doyle

How to have Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable Meetings?

How to have Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable Meetings?

Meeting time is precious time - it’s an opportunity to explore tricky questions, hear what’s going on, get to know each other and align. But sadly meetings can also be a time when we get impatient with each other, or when time just ticks away.

In this webinar, we will talk about how to gain more clarity on our meeting time. How can we make sure everyone’s time is used efficiently? How can we make shared agreements on how we spend our time? How can we come to decisions that value all voices but also move things forward?

You will walk away from this webinar with 3 very concrete things you can change in your meetings immediately!

Ted J. Rau

Ted Rau lives in a cohousing community in Massachusetts, and spends his days as a sociocracy trainer and consultant. A parent of 5 and a transgender man, he is an immigrant to the US. His passion is in helping groups create flow in meetings and find the magic that happens when people put their minds together. 

Paula Leigh-Doyle

Paula Leigh-Doyle is driven by her passion for removing the barriers to optimal human development. She is Head of School for Hershey Montessori School, Ohio, leading both the Concord Campus (birth to 12 years) and the Huntsburg Campus (13 to 18 years) since 2007. Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Goddard College in Vermont, and an AMI Primary Montessori diploma from Sion Hill College, Ireland.

Her thirty-five-year career includes eight years teaching and thirteen years of specialization in Montessori education for both economically and developmentally at-risk children. Her dedication to education includes twenty-six years in headships for two independent Montessori schools. Paula is a presenter for national and international education and Montessori conferences and is published in North American Montessori Teacher Association journals.