Community Conversation

with Shifra Sverdlin and Eder Cuevas

Sharing Vulnerability: Creating Community

Shifra Sverdlin Florman

Member of the Board of Montessori Mexico, HOS of Bet Hayladim School in Mexico City, holds an AMI Elementary Diploma and a degree in History. Cohort 1 in the Whole School Leadership Program. Guide for 12 years in an elementary Environment, 5 years coordinating 10 Elementary Groups and 6th year as a Head of School.

Eder Cuevas Itturalde

Executive Director of Montessori Mexico and Director of Development of Montessori de Chihuahua School, holds an AMI Elementary Diploma from Bergamo, Italy, and Orientation to Adolescent Studies through NAMTA in the USA. He has a degree in Education and Physical Education and master's degrees in Education and Sports Psychology. 15 years' professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua and part of the AMI-NAMTA staff in the Orientations for adolescent studies since 2015. International Speaker and Advisor on Montessori Education, School Administration and Parents education.