Community Conversation

with Peter Davidson

Montessori Parent's Conversations

Montessori Parent's Conversations

"One Shelf at a Time"

How do we prepare the Montessori environment at school so that it successfully fosters independence? 

And how can you, parents, replicate this at home?

If you are a parent of a Montessori child and you feel lonely and lost in your new role of a “home school teacher”, join us for the Montessori Parent's Community Conversation with Peter Davidson. 

Peter Davidson

Peter devoted his life to children and the Montessori movement, with 6 years in the classroom and 37 years in administration including 27 years as Head of School at Montessori School of Beaverton, Oregon.

Peter consults, speaks on management topics and provides leadership seminars across USA and Canada and around the world, including Russia, Australia, GB, the Czech Republic, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.