Community Conversation

with Lisa Thauvette

Online Group Activities & Games for

Student Engagement and Fun

Ready to add levity and fun to your online student meetings?

 Need to refresh and invigorate your student’s engagement with their work and with each other?

 Needing to spark your OWN excitement for connecting while online?

 This session will introduce several games and activities that are specifically curated for Montessori online group play.

"Play” in this sense is equated to “concentration and flow”.

 Losing ourselves in the activity at hand while connecting to each other through laughter and fun.

Lisa Thauvette

Lisa Thauvette loves to combine her passion of child development with her years of experience as a comedic improviser…as we all know, improvising is what teachers do all day, every day.

Lisa served as the Head of School at International Montessori in Brussels, Belgium for 11 years, and holds an AMI 6 - 12 diploma and a Masters of Education in Montessori from Loyola College.

She is the founder of Tilt Think, tilting scenarios and perspectives toward peace through playful and interactive professional development sessions and workshops.

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