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Community Conversation

with Jana M. Herman & Amy Adams

Experiences and Tips on Distance Teaching

Tipy a zkušenosti s distanční výukou

עצות והתנסויות בלמידה מרחוק

Experiences and Tips on Distance Teaching

As lockdowns resume, schools are trying to support parents and children in different yet important ways through remote instruction. Join us to learn basic principles and ideas for practicing Montessori educational experiences even while we are home from teachers who have practiced various types of Montessori education this year.

What are the key principles we will focus on?

  • Just like every child is different, different families will have different needs
  • Flexibility is key
  • Active learning is still important
  • Reducing cognitive load

Jana Morgan Herman

Jana has worked in Montessori classrooms for over twenty-six years and is currently the Director of Kenwood Montessori School in Louisville, Kentucky.  Jana is a Montessori certified teacher and teacher trainer for four MACTE Montessori teacher trainer programs in the United States and Asia.  She is the co-founder and Vice President of the Kentucky Montessori Alliance, a non-profit advocacy group for Montessori schools in Kentucky.


Amy Adams

Amy has taught at Community Montessori in New Albany, Indiana for four years, and was a parent volunteer and substitute for 4 years before that. She has a Bachelor's degree in both Communication and Psychology and a Montessori certification in Early Education.