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Community Conversation

with Hana Slabá

Rodič srdcem školy (only Czech version)

Unfortunately, due to technical issues we did not manage to obtain an English recording. We may add it in the future (subtitled) and will make sure to inform you via our Facebook page. We are sorry about such complication. 

Guiding Elementary Environments During Pandemic Times

Are you an elementary teacher who is still in the throes of distance learning, and trying to get a handle on how to facilitate a Montessori environment within a virtual setting?

Or, are you a teacher who is now back in the classroom or in a hybrid situation, and want to know how to support elementary students and parents at home during pandemic times? 

Join this panel of experienced elementary teachers who will offer some tips and tricks on how to integrate authentic Montessori practices into virtual teaching strategies, as well as some ideas on how to support the elementary child's need for socialization during a time when it can be a challenge to safely gather together.  

Hana Slabá

Hana Slabá is originally a linguist who moved from adolescents and high school and university students to work with small children. She graduated from the AMI training for teachers of children aged 3 to 6 years. As a teacher, she was at the birth of the primary and elementary classrooms in the Andílek Montessori Schools where she currently works as a deputy headmistress, and she also works at the AMI trainings in the Montessori Institute Prague as a specialized assistant. In cooperation with the trainer Elina Rautasalo, Hana adapted the Montessori language materials for children 3-6 to the Czech language. Hana is also an ever evolving parent of four children aged 0 to 16 years.