Community Conversation

with Claudia Hesse

How to keep your parents aligned

when your school is closed? 

Let us face reality, there will be parents who decide to leave. 

But what measures can we set, to keep most of them aligned? 

This can be the critical for your school’s survival. 

Claudia Hesse, a Personal and Executive Leadership Expert, Trainer and Coach 

Claudia can look at more than 30 years of business experience, mainly in the IT sector. Having supported and accompanied Renée Classen in building up her Montessori school in Switzerland for some years (and having her children in the school too) she is familiar with the method, as well as with the challenges and potential difficulties private Montessori schools face – even when not having to deal with such extra-ordinary circumstances like COVID-19.

She’s combining her knowledge from business, Montessori and about human behaviour & leadership to give leaders of schools some down-to-earth, tangible and implementable tools and ways to deal with the “factor parents” in these trying times.

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