A new Montessori school in Romania

15.8. 20192123x

Hi. My name is Raluca and I’m from Romania. My journey in Montessori starts in Prague. And when I say that I refer also to the AMI Diploma course 3-6 that I graduated but also to the knowledge that I gained regarding how to open a Montessori school and to manage it.

When I was in the second module of my diploma course I heard about Lead Montessori. I didn’t know too much about what will happen there, but I felt that I really need to be there. It was the first big Montessori event where I had the chance to be. It was my first great occasion to meet with Montessori teachers, administrators from all over the world with different experiences and knowledge to share.

As always, intuition didn’t failed me. I enjoyed it very much and it was better than I expected. The lectures of Peter, Katy and Sue were especially given for me. I really felt like that. As a beginner in this field of managing a school, lectures such as build trust and good relationships with parents of my school and many other topics brought clarity in my head and in my action plan. Now I’m not so stressed and confused and really enjoy this process.

Also, the afternoon sessions where we joined together in small groups and debrief about the main topic of the day, but also telling stories about own school, made me feel that I’m not alone. I really felt like I was part of a big family that is there to support and guide me – looking for me when I’m doing my first steps. All the stories that I heard made me realise that each person had his/her own struggles at the beginning, like I have, but here they are after 20 – 30 years of experiences sharing with all of us these challenges with joy. Each challenge has a solution if we can see above it and continue.

I made a lot of friends and found solutions for the challenges that I saw like mountains difficult to climb ☺ In the last day we made a big debrief group in different areas, where burning topics were discussed such as: how to open an adolescent program, how to help children with special needs etc. That was another point that made me realise that we are a big family that help each other. People that succeeded in finding some solutions mentored others in order to overcome quicker those challenges; or challenges that haven’t received some solutions were “putted” on table and discussed between many. It is amazing to see unity in diversity. Just in a Montessori classroom, but now with adults ☺

I want to thank Mirka and all the MIP staff for making me feel so well. The organisation was brilliant. Usually I have a lot of questions and don’t find the way to the right place. But they thought on everything and made us little maps, clearly pointed where one needs to be and at what hours. I didn’t had any questions to ask. I couldn’t believe it ☺

When I came back home, I came with a lot of new ideas and solutions to implement, with a lot of friends and Montessori places to visit in order to exchange ideas and improve but also with a lot of wonderful memories and photos. I’m very sure that this year’s conference will be better that the previous one. You really need to be there if you are from Montessori World. See you there and wait with excitement to share stories and to find solutions together ☺