Lead Montessori 2019

Pre-Conference Day

Prague | October 30, 2019, 9am - 5 :30pm. Venue to be announced later.

Why pre-conference day?

Lots of different topics were discussed by the participants at Lead Montessori 2018. And there were a few really burning issues. The pre-conference day will cover two of the most crucial.


Pre-conference day

"An Overview of Montessori Especially for the Untrained Leader"

Come for a little Montessori theory and a lot of Montessori practical!  First, we will look at a brief history of Montessori, as a way of uncovering some of the basic precepts every Head of School should know.  Next, I will give an overview of the planes of child development with an emphasis on ways that the Montessori classroom environment changes to respond to the child's changing needs and characteristics at each plane.  We will even get our hands on a few key Montessori materials at each plane!

"Montessori Schools Prepared for Inclusion"

An Overview for Montessori Administrators

By Kathrine N.Massie and Barbara Luborsky (who will join us on-line)

This seminar will provide essential background on how Montessori and Special Education connect. It will help you understand what it means to prepare your school for Inclusion, covering: all of the adults in your school (Montessori teachers, assistants, support staff, medical professionals, parents and administrators); preparation of inclusive classroom environments; and how to use Montessori materials diagnostically and therapeutically, as well as educationally.

It will also cover administrative policies and procedures that you as administrators need to implement so that you can build a strong inclusive Montessori community. And last but not least, the seminar will cover the most avoided topic related to inclusion, the issue of safety of children and staff. You need very clear policies and prevention planning to address behavior crises. At the end of the seminar you will create a step by step plan to enhance and increase your school's capacity to include children with more diverse needs.


Registrations via registration
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125 Eur

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If you already are registered for the conference and you want to register for the pre-conference day, please, write to madara.spurava@amiprague.cz. Thank you.